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        Founded in 2016, Cambio Architectural Technology (China) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive technology company specializing in technical services, consultancy and energy management integration services in the field of ecology and sustainable building.

        Applying the latest concepts and technologies to inspire creativity and strive to improve the value and quality of our work, this is how we solve customer problems and solve the enormous challenges of how to keep this era sustainable. The goal is to break through barriers between industries and promote industry boundaries Blending together to shape a better world.


        The square of energy (E2, E × E): The company's development is based on energy management (Energy), combined with environmental management (Environment) to meet the high standards of energy and environment in the project for customers in this era. Respond to the needs of customers while stimulating the sense of responsibility of the industry and jointly addressing the challenges of global climate change.

        Although the challenges are always complex and multidimensional problems, an effective solution must be found. And the opportunity for development comes from our ability as an independent and flexible thinker, combined with a solid and profound knowledge of building technology and a collective desire to “shape a better world”.

        We always pursue the maximum use of energy. The environment is not just the natural environment, but also the living environment of the building users. On the basis of rational and efficient use and management of energy, we can achieve harmony among people, architecture and nature.